3 oz Datura Stramonium POWDER, Jimson Weed, Devil's snare, Wicca


For sale three ounces of pure Datura Stramonium POWDER, extracted from Datura thorn apples and seeds.

The apple thorns used to produce this powder have been grown and harvested in the USA.

The apple thorns and their seeds that you see in the pictures attached have been pulverized and the final product available in this auction is the one stored in the sealed bags, exactly as it appears in this listing's photos.

This plant is very hard to cultivate and harvest and the process of pulverizing the apple thorns containing seeds is very long and challenging considering we're dealing with a plant texture that is semi soft and hard to separate, break, crush and pulverize.

The plants and the seeds that you see in the photos are the exact ones that have been used to obtain the final powder product.

Datura has been used in traditional medicine to relieve asthma symptoms and as an analgesic during surgery or bonesetting. It is also a powerful hallucinogen and deliriant, which is used spiritually, for the intense visions it produces.

Datura is ruled by Saturn and is a veritable Witch’s weed and sometimes included in Flying ointments for its psychotropic effects.
It is used in Hex Breaking, sleep and protection.
Datura has been used in necromancy in order to see ghosts, and has been included in concoctions for that purpose.
As a love potion, Datura can evoke the seductive powers of the Siren.
Datura has been used in sacred ceremonies in Native American and Asian cultures.
Datura can be dedicated to Hekate as an offering.

Magical uses almost always include divinatory properties. However, Datura tends to be associated with darker or baneful magic.
It has long been thought that one could acquire enhanced gifts, wisdom, and strength from the plant.
It is known to grant the feeling of flight, or the ability to transform the curandero (shaman), or at least his or her spirit, into a bird or other animal, sometimes a wolf or a coyote.

Among European traditions Datura is a primary ingredient in the traditional witch's flying ointment.

However, any flying ointment that would be effective should be used with extreme caution, and in tiny amounts.

Datura was first mentioned in the ancient Vedic scriptures as ‘Shivashekhera,’ showing the connection to Shiva was made very early. Shiva accepts offerings of Datura flowers even today.

Datura is also used in Navajo frenzy witchcraft, where one transforms into a Datura animal spirit for either love, power, or both.

Datura is associated most with four magical properties: passion, power, prophecy, and protection.
It has also been called 'love will', as it is favored in persuasive love magic.


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