Roulette X Strategy & Gambling System


This is a new Roulette gambling system designed for the American Roulette, an essential tool for every Casino Roulette gambler.

It may help players win at the Roulette and keep track of the Roulette wheel potential spinning patterns.

An equivalent betting wheel for the European Roulette will be released soon by our designing expert team.

How does ROULETTE X work?

The player must place one of the arrows on the last winning number, and then, bet on it and the adjacent numbers and also bet on the numbers across the wheel and on the numbers to the right and left of the last winning number, at a 90 degrees angle.

Total bets: 28
Potential winnings: 7
This system may work regardless of the additional 00 on the American Roulette Wheel.

Our Roulette tutorial wheel chart comes with a gold tinted roulette wheel that helps players follow & track the winning numbers, without obscuring or concealing the adjacent numbers.

The numbers on the Roulette Wheel, whether it's the American Roulette or European Roulette, are mixed, different to the table layout, making it difficult to follow the wheel and hunt for potential spinning patterns. The bets on the Table Roulette Layout do not follow the same sequence on the actual wheel.

That's why our Roulette X Betting Strategy is so essential, because the players, with our wheel handy, can follow the game easier, regardless of the position and access at the table and the table players number.

It's at each player's discretion how many of these numbers to bet and which configuration to follow, whether bet all four corners or just the numbers across from each other.

By using our ROULETTE X wheel betting strategy on the American Roulette wheel, you can follow, track and hunt for a potential spinning patterns.

The Roulette ball may fall on the same or adjacent numbers as the previous spin or on the numbers located on opposite side across of the last winning number or at 90 degrees either to the right or to the left of the last winning number.

There is no guaranteed way to win using our betting system or any betting system at the roulette, but our wheel will help you better follow and track the ball on the Roulette wheel and potentially attempt tracking a spinning pattern.

When using our Roulette X wheel betting system you may avoid losing track of your favorite numbers , repeating numbers or changes on the Roulette ball spinning potential patterns.

You may use our Roulette X wheel betting system at any Casino Roulette Wheel, whether you bet at a mechanical Roulette or a Roulette where a dealer controls the game and spins the ball.

The Roulette X wheel and all relevant material included with this listing are COPYRIGHTED and PATENT PENDING applications have been submitted to the US Government.

We currently can only ship to the United States.

The overlapping plastic wheel may warp during shipping, even though we ship in padded envelopes.
This will not interfere with the wheel functionality though.

You will receive the exact ROULETTE X wheel or very similar to the one in the photo included with this listing.

This listing includes the Roulette X Wheel Chart and Instructions.


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